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Clearing Your Browser Cache

When you visit a webpage, your browser 'caches' it, which means it stores a copy of the items on the page (like pictures), so it can load the page quicker the next time you visit it.

If a change is made to a website after your browser has cached it, you may not see that change until you clear your cache. Clearing the cache forces your browser to fetch the latest version of the webpage rather than relying on the version of the page it stored.

It is generally a good idea to clear your cache periodically, and occasionally OTS may instruct you to clear your cache to solve a problem you are experiencing.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

Step 1: With your browser open, click CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboard (or command + Shift + Delete if on a Mac)

Step 2: Another window/screen should open. Refer to the steps below for how to clear the cache on a specific browser:

Internet Explorer

  • Make sure the Preserve favorites website data is NOT checked
  • Make sure Temporary internet files IS checked
  • Click delete


  • Make sure Cache is checked
  • Click the Clear Now button
  • Click Ok


  • Make sure Cached images and files IS checked
  • Click the Clear browsing data button


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