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Office of Technology Services

About Campus Wireless

We have three wireless networks on campus:

  1. OrangeNet (the preferred network for students and employees)
  2. UEwireless (a guest network for parents and other campus visitors who do not have a UE account)
  3. PurpleNet (a legacy network that is usually more complicated to connect to than OrangeNet)

OrangeNet is secured and, once set up, will automatically connect without asking you for additional information. PurpleNet is also secured and, once set up, will automatically connect without asking you for additional information. OrangeNet is generally easier to set up than PurpleNet, so OrangeNet should be your first choice.

UEwireless is for guests. UEwireless is unsecured and less convenient than OrangeNet. There is no reason for students or employees to use UEwireless.

How to Connect to Campus Wireless

Students & Employees: Connect to OrangeNet
Parents & Other Campus Guests: Connect to UEwireless

Call the helpdesk at 812-488-2077 to obtain today's wireless guest username and password.

Problems Connecting to Campus Wireless

If you are unable to connect to wireless on campus, check that wireless is enabled on your device. Most laptops have a button on the outer edge of the keyboard that toggles wireless connectivity on and off and it can be easy to hit this accidentally.


If problems persist, please bring your device to the OTS helpdesk where we will be happy to set up a wireless connection for you.

Connecting to your Campus Documents Folder

When you are logged in to a campus computer, the contents of your Documents folder are synchronized to a server so they travel conveniently with you around campus. If you need to access a file from your Documents from home or on the road, you can connect to a virtual campus PC to view and work with it.

VPN Clients



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