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Office of Technology Services

Connecting your Android Device to the Email System
This guide covers android version 4.3 with default email app, if you require assistance with a different version please contact our help desk at 812.488.2077.

  1. Open your applications menu.

    Tap Email

  2. Enter your full email address and password.

    Tap Manual Setup

  3. Tap Exchange

  4. Enter in the following information.

    Domain\Username =

    password = your normal login password for email

    Server =

    Select "Use secure connection (SSL)"

    Tap Next

  5. A Remote security administration window will pop up

    Tap OK

  6. Change your account options

    Email checking frequency = how often your phone

    checks for changes to email, contacts, and calendar.

    Amount to synchronize = amount of email to keep on the phone by age.

    Send email from this account by default = When you click an email address

    inside a webpage or somewhere else this will be the default address you send from.

    Notify me when email arrives = you will be prompted by the phone when you get new email.

    Sync contacts from this account = your exchange contacts will sync with your phone.

    Sync calendar from this account = your exchange calendar will sync with your phone.

    Tap Next

  7. Tap Next

  8. A permissions screen will pop up

    Tap Activate

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