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Accessing Your Documents Folder or Windows Software from Off Campus on an iOS Device

On campus, your Documents folder is a great place to store important files. If you need to access your Documents folder from off campus, you need to connect to a virtual campus PC. There are two ways to do this: through a web browser or by installing a client application on your off campus computer. If you frequently work from home or from your iOS device, we recommend installing the client software. The web browser method can be used if you have to use a computer on which you cannot install software or will only use once. For steps on how to use the browser client, click here.

iOS devices include iPad, iTouch, iPhone and iMac. If you are working on a Windows PC, laptop or tablet, you will need to use the instructions here.

Step One: Install the Client

The client software only has to be installed once. If you have already installed the software, skip directly to step two.

  • You will be taken to a page where you must choose the correct file to download. If you are using an iPad, iTouch or iPhone, you should look for iOS on this screen. Click Go To Downloads in the iOS section.

  • Click Download

  • You will be taken to the app store page for the VMware Horizon client. The app is free to install. Tap Install. Wait a moment for the install to complete and then tap Open.

Step Two: Run the Client to Access the Virtual Campus PC

  • If you are following through all the steps on this page, you have already opened the VMware Horizon app. If you installed the app during a previous session and now need to open it, look for the VMware Horizon icon on your home screen and tap it.
  • Tap Add Server

  • Enter the same username and password you would use to log into a campus computer.

  • Tap Windows 7

  • You will be logged in to the virtual campus PC. This may take a moment depending on the quality of your wireless internet connection. When you go to the Start menu of the virtual PC, you will be able to access your campus Documents folder or use any of the Microsoft software that is installed as standard in the campus labs.

Important Information About Using a Virtual PC

It is critical to remember that the virtual PC you are connected to ceases to exist when you disconnect. This means that if you save any files to the desktop of the virtual PC, you will lose them as soon as you disconnect. If your connection to the virtual PC is unexpectedly terminated due to a network connectivity problem, you will lose your work, so while working on a virtual PC it is important to save early and save often. Files you want to keep should be saved to your Documents folder, as the contents of this folder are copied to a server.

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